Monday, July 31, 2006

Make Money!

1997 release on lyons gate. e.n.e.m.y. mind's "make money" b/w "mind on my money".. im feelin both tracks, and they have a cd out thats pretty dope called "Every Negative Environment Manipulates Your Mind" pretty dope release if u ever buy cd's ... both tracks on this 12" are produced by J. Dixson and M. Jones...

e.n.e.m.y. mindz-make money
e.n.e.m.y. mindz-mind on my money

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Get Touched !!

pretty dope release from Animosity, released on Broken Records, in 1997. and produced by Dj Shok, for Mass Parallax Publishing. and co produced by JayBiz, "get touched" features Avatar

animosity-get touched

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Street Vibes Vol.1!!

So I thought I would stick with some Jersey, flava, so what better then a slept on Jersey, compilation from a bunch of unknown emcees, that happen to wreck shop in my opinion.. The Compilation is called Street Vibes Vol.1, it was released in 1994... it features 10 dope tracks from some slept on talent...

01-logic-bust a funky rhyme
03-v-wana wah kay why
05-da wick-if ya cant maintain
06-dubside collective-souls from the streets
07-bizear intellectual-silent attack
08-the muck men-monkey say monkey do
09-infinite cipher-step into the cipher
10-only b & dj swoop-lusty love

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Inna Cipher / Mindtrix

Straight from Jersey, here is the better of the 2 releases from Down 'n' Dirty Tribe. Released on Jungle Sounds, both tracks are awesome in my opinion... produced, mixed, and choked, by Dantay for Diggin 4 Daze....

01-inna cipher (brickville mix)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Trial Of Tears/Atrocities Of A T.H.U.G.

GB Entertainment, presents Down & Dirty Tribe "Trail of Tears" B/w "Atrocities of a T.H.U.G." Released in 1997. In my opinion both tracks are dope, but i like "Atrocities of a T.H.U.G." Produced by: Paul Metto & Big Al. Recorded at D&D Studios and mixed at The Cutting Room..

01-trail of tears
02-atrocities of a t.h.u.g.

Broke WIlleez/Strictly For Live Men

Whats up everyone? Sorry bout the slow posting, I've been moving n shit so bare with me, just thought i would drop this one on ya right quick...

Droopy Eye Crew: Broke Willeez/Strictly For Live Men (Smokehouse) 1997
not a bad single, production by Tempamental & Smokehouse.. Im not really feeling "Broke Willeez" but "Strictly For Live Men" is a nice joint if you ask me... Till next time..PEAZ!

01-broke willeez
02-strictly for live men