Monday, October 31, 2005

hi-tech gets creative

sick 12inch on "broken records" there are 3 tracks on this gemm. first track is "the presentation remix" featuring "hi-tech" this song is so dope. production goes to "copenhaniacs" executives go to "jaybiz, dj shok, and creative". next up "the presentaion original" featuring "hi-tech". production is the same... and finally we have "continuously" this one features "promoe" of "looptroop" and "hi-tech". production by "copenhaniacs" and "jaybiz" with cuts by "dj noize" peace out and enjoy!

1-the presentation (remix)

2-the presentastion (original)

3-continuously ft. promoe

you might experience trauma

this is a pretty good 12inch from seattle based crew "diamond_mercenaries". the label is "conception records" they have droped other dope singles like "fourfifths-earth wind and fire" and "third degree-better days" all of them are really dope, in my opinion, and will probally have their own feature on my blog, in time to come, but for now lets start out with this 12inch from "diamond mercenaries" it has two tracks on it "block drama" which is produced by "jake one" and "block drama remix" which is produced by "mr. supreme".. hope u enjoy

1-block drama

2-block drama remix

Friday, October 28, 2005

the book of bm

this is the second release from "blind mice" the title "the book of bm/paper capers". the label "mci" most crush illin. producer of "the book of bm", is 5'6". and producer for "paper capers" is shawn j. period. both tracks are solid, but personaly i like "paper capers" a bit more.. u be the judge. also look out for "blind mice" first release also on "mci" titled "a new beginning" its really the better of the 2 releases..peace

1-the book of bm (bring it to you raw)

2-paper capers

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

era of the sourface!

ok so i decided to start my blog of with a super rare 12",
it comes from sourface. the label is hardbeat enterprises, the producer,
k-love, for henchmen productions. this duo is super slept on so i thought
i would leak it for u...

1-era if the sourface
2-dont try to play me