Monday, February 27, 2006

Actin Up!!

This 12" comes to you from Dirty Face Angels . The year 1999, the label is Fat Stash Entertainment, it features 2 dope tracks. "Actin Up", is on side a, its produced by Dat Nigga Reg. Side b, is "MOElogical" this side is produced by Dat Nigga Reg, and co-produced by Moe Crazy, executive producer for both sides is Big Cap Black.. There were two different releases for this 12" there was a regular black pressing, and there was a green pressing, mine is the green pressing..I know that Dirty Face Angels, have another release, im not sure of the title, so if there is someone who knows the title or maybe where i can find the 12" please contact me... until next time PEAZ!!

01-dirty face angels-actin up
02-dirty face angels-MOElogical

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Too Complex!!

here is a dope 12" from l.the head toucha... side a "too complex" produced by a prodcution team that needs no introduction the vinyl reanimators. "too complex" is a nice track indeed, but im gonna have to give it up to side b, on this release, its titled "it's your life" also produced by vinyl reanimators. hope you enjoy this release , lots of you already know it...
sorry things have been getting a little slow on this blog, but i promise to get more post up, i've been a little busy lately, but now i'am finding more time for more posts so please keep a look out for them...Peaz

01-too complex
02-it's your life