Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Soul Search'n Remix

i thought i would post this release since i posted his other 12". this one is the "soul search'n" remix B/w "time". released also on 4,5,6 records in 1996. make sure you peep the "time" remix

01-soul search'n remix
03-time wastelanz remix

now u da man / 5 feet deep

ok this guy comes to you with no surprise, Mr. D. Original, and his first 12" release, "Now U Da Man" B/w "5 Feet Deep" back in 1995, on Jihad Records. production by Solar. I still like the "3 Joints" 12" better of the 2, after that his career took a turn to the worse if u ask me..

01-now u da man
02-5 feet deep

Friday, August 04, 2006

Soul Search'n

4,5,6, 1995 release of "soul searchin" b/w "like this" from JAM or Jam Dot (Da Original Troopa). both songs are produced by Jam Dot, for Jdot productions. also look out for the "Soul Searchin" Remix, which was released the following year, i will post on it soon.

01-soul search'n
02-like this