Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Revival Of The Underground Pt.2 !!

Smack Music Presents "Revival Of The Underground Pt.2" released in 1999, this EP, is A heater for sure, featuring, Street Confidons, Big Noise, Mad Sci, The Alamo, and Memphis Bleek..Executive Producers over the EP, Mike Cameron, and Brandon Breezo Johnson.. so i hope u enjoy these 5 songs from Smack Entertainment... PZ!

01-street confindons-we got the drop
02-big noise-soldiers of war
03-mad sci-set it off
04-the alamo-never judge a book
05-memphis bleek & company-straight hustlas

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bulls Eye!!

Im sure many of you are familiar with this 12", it comes to you from J-Force, the track is "Bulls Eye", the label, House Of Hits, the year 1995.. Produced by J-Force and Ant-G, for Hardball Productions. Cuts by J-Force... Super sick track with fresh ass be the judge..

j-force-bulls eye

Friday, May 12, 2006

Real Gangsta's Dont

Cee-Low Entertainment, presents Energetic, "Real Gangstas Dont" Bw "So Test Me". Not sure on the release year, but be sure these smoothe ridin tracks are sure to get the blunts lit....Side A. "Real Gangstas Dont" produced by Wes "K-S" Hogges and Delvis Damon. Side B. "So Test Me" produced by Wes "K-S" Hogges and Delvis Damon.. Enjoy. Be back soon. PZ!

01-energetic-real gangstas dont
02-energetic-so test me

Stop Schemin'!

1995, Max'n, release from Brothers Of The Mind, this 12" features two tracks. Side A. "Stop Schemin'" super dope track, with awesome production from Pat Joey, vocals by, Lyrical Freestyle, and Scratches by, Krazy Kraz. Side B. "Kick Facts" production from Pat Joey, vocals by, Lyrical Freestyle, and Scratches by, Krazy Kraz.. Enjoy!!

01-brothers of the mind-stop schemin'
02-brothers of the mind-kick facts

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Sure Shot!!

One of three releases from Slum Brothers...1995, Suicide Records release "The Sure Shot". Produced by Reginald Dempsey, for Suicide Productions..this release contains two tracks.. Track 01-"The Sure Shot".... Track 02-"6 MIllion MC's"....I've already did a post for "Fools Paradise", look out for "Regular Niggers"....PEAZZZ

01-slum brothers-the sure shot
02-slum brothers-6 million mc's

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Real Hip Hop!!

Ready Ta Roll's, 1993, release on Trumpet Records, "The Real Hip Hop" B/w "Ready Ta Roll"... pretty solid release. Produced by Ready Ta Roll. Side A. "The Real Hip Hop"..Side B. "Ready Ta Roll".. enjoy

01-the real hip hop
02-ready ta roll