Friday, October 20, 2006

Thuz 3 Wishz / War Scarz

first off. i want to appologize for how shitty my pics have been. i broke my digital sorry about that.

ok here we have a 12" on Kruppt Records, featuring two, artist. side a da rail black'a "thuz 3 wishz". side b. pauly pap's "war scarz". both tracks produced by tim winn..

da rail black - thuz 3 wishz
pauly paps - war scarz

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


i wanted to post a mix for yall. it comes to you from a good friend from all away across the world, in switzerland. some you may know him if you used Vinyl Exchages, forum as "Deerhunta".


omniscene - maintain
corrupt empire - yersey get yours remix
choclair - what it takes remix
tru-form - kings of yes yall
cane - what i suggest
tragic technicians - a&r killers

b.o.d. click - y.o.y. bumba
nu-seed - smoke session
mcgruff - creep
legit - junglez of da east
izm da mad soul - mushroom cloudz
bee why - g.a.t.s.

mykill miers - crash & burn
othorized f.a.m. - ????
pen powz - penz'n'needlz
jigmastas - iz u dee remix
i.g. off & hazardous - this ain't livin'

kanzulu - same 'ol similar
private eye - friendly skies
al' tariq - no question
x-vandals - 2 all my people
kaotic style - tales from da sex side

to download files right click then click on save "link/target" as. then save it to your computer


Dj hanDjob - Best hanDjob In Town

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Sunday, October 01, 2006


1998 release of Bee Why's "G.A.T.S." / "Crazy Queens", on Wolfpak Entertainment..Produced by Gee The Nutty Professor..

Crazy Queens