Friday, March 31, 2006


Here is another dope 12", this one comes to you from, Kings Of Queens & Nature Born, on the flip. Im not sure the year of the release but my guess is 96, the label is Ace Of Spades Ent. All songs produced by I-WITNESS, for KAAP, Style Ent. Side A. King Of Queens "WNYC" b/w "WNYC" remix feat. Stepsons. Side B. is Nature Born "When You're Wanted". Side B. is my pick of the two tracks...

01-king of queens-wnyc
02-king of queens-wnyc (remix feat. stepsons)
03-natue born-when you're wanted

Friday, March 24, 2006

Harlem High Ent.!!

This next 12" comes to you from Alley High, its on Harlem High Entertainment. This 12" contains 2 dope tracks for your listening pleasure. Side A, "World Wide" prodced by Kaze, and co-produced by DJ Milo. Side B, "Voo Doo" produced by DJ Milo, and is my favorite of the two tracks. Now im not 100% sure but i believe this 12" was released in 1996, but dont quote me on that because im not positive...anyways enjoy..

01-alley high-world wide
02-alley high-voo doo feat. monifa

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Who's Blowing Up Far Rockaway, Queens!!

This next 12" comes to you from Kapone. The Year of the release is 1994, the label is Project Sound. 3 tracks on this release, side a, "who's blowing up far rockaway queens" produced by Koors, which in my opinion is the sickest of all 3 tracks. side b, "never slumber", produced by Koors. and also on side b, "in the mix" featuring Fangs, and cuts by Frisk, this track is also produced by Koors.. Kapone, has one other release on Penalty Records, titled "get down to it / no jurisdiction" 12" with production by Eric Sermon. I think "who's blowing up far rockaway queens" is much better of the two..

01-kapone-who's blowing up far rockaway queens
02-kapone-never slumber
03-kapone-who's in the mix

Monday, March 13, 2006

Relax Your Mind!!

1996 Damage Records. T-Max "Relax Your Mind" B/w "Business" & "Execution Style" (Remix). All songs produced by D-Fuse, for Damage Records. T-Max, had one other 12" release called "Execution Style", released on the same label, he also had a track on 2004's Grit Records, release called Grit City Vol. 1, produced by Soul Supreme.. i will add that track aswell.

01-t-maxrelax your mind
02-t-max-execution style (original)
03-t-max-execution style remix
05-t-max-what would u do (from grit records, produced by soul supreme)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Black Smoke!!

Another dope ass release from 1996, Hatchetmen - "Black Smoke". This one is on Playa Records, and is produced by Jack Wendorf, executive producer is Tony Detero. Thanks to my man Tokes, for lacing me with this 12", Where you been hiding at man?

hatchetmen-black smoke

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

These Mean Streets!!

Delux Entertainment Inc, presents, Automatik, "These Mean Streets" B/w "No Mans Land" featuring Down N Dirty Tribe. Both tracks on this 12" are pretty damn dope. Both tracks are produced by Paul Metto. for Dusted Delux Productions. It was
released in 1997, a great year for independent releases, IMO.

01-these mean streets
02-no mans land feat. down n dirty tribe

Friday, March 03, 2006

anyday can be your last!!

Super Dope 12" from Jasun Ward AKA Half A Mill,(RIP). IM not sure if this was his first release or not, but in my opinion its his best, "hands down". Ok this release has 2 tracks on it both , are produced , written, and arranged, by Half A Mill. "Any Day Can Be Ya Last" is the first joint, this track is my least favorite of the 2, but in noway is it wack, its actually dope as fuck, but track 2 "Another Homicide Scene" is off the chain, fresh lyrics, dope beat, all around quality.. The Label is "Half A Million Productions" / "Power Records" ... Half A Mill, Was shot, and murdered, a few years ago in his Brooklyn apartment, I believe it was over a drug deal gone bad. Looks to me like it was just "another homicide scene"... (RIP) Jasun Ward AKA HALF A MILL! PEAZ!!

01-half a mill-any day can be ya last
02-half a mill-another homicide scene