Saturday, April 29, 2006

Aarophat - Vibe Music

First off I would like to give a big shout out to Co Founder of Rugged Soul Records, Dj Deeper - for hookin me up with the illy tracks off the forthcoming LP by. Youngstown, Ohio, emcee, Aarophat! good looks on that bro. Many of you may remember Aarophat released several singles through the joint venture between Pockets Linted and Fat Beats Records, the most notable being "Gritty" / "Darkwind". Then in late 2005 , DJ Deeper, and Rob A, (Rugged Soul Records) signed Aaro to a one album deal and the result was the forthcoming release titled "Sound Volume 2: Vibe Music." from Ohio, emcee Aarophat,and production by Illastrate
>(Lords of the Underground, Akir, Broady Champs etc ...) prepping for release later next month. I love how Aaro, along side Illastrate, gives it a mid, late 90's feel to it, thats dope when you can get that in 2006, I know you people know what im sayin..
So yo make sure you people who are feeling these two dope tracks im bout to lace for yall, show support to Aaro, Rugged Soul Records, and everyone who worked hard to make this release possible..

Distributed By:
Rugged Soul Records LLC
PO Box 1531
Charlottesville VA 22902
Phone: 434-825-7844

Aarophat-Two Years
Aarophat-U Gotta Mean It

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Boogie Downs Got The Flavor!!

DataBase Recordings, 1996 release, "Boogie Downs Got The Flavor". all tracks produced by Rezidue..Side A, "Boogie Downs Got The Flavor". Side B, "Dont Get It Twisted"... dont sleep both these 12"s are dope as hell.

01-foundation & rezidue-boogie downs got the flavor
02-foundation & rezidue-dont get it twisted

Inner City Blues!!

DataBase Records, 1997, release "Inner City Blues" from Rezidue. Side A, "Inner City Blues" produced by Rezidue. Side B, "Dropin Rezidue" this side is produced by Tic, for Ticnology Sounds. I will post Foundation, and Rezidue, "Boggie Downs Got the Flavor" aswell.

01-rezidue-inner city blues
02-rezidue-dropin rezidue

The Boro's

Dope 12" from Bee Why. I think the production comes from Gee The Nutty Professor. This 12" was released on WolfPak Entertainment, in 1997 i believe.. all i really know about Bee Why, is that he is from Queens, and i know he has at least 3 more releases Bee Why, "Reality" 12" Wolfpak Entertainment, and Bee Why,"Remember The times" 12" Wolfpak Entertainment, Bee Why “G.A.T.S.” b/w “Crazy Queens” Wolfpak Entertainment. If anyone knows how i can get a copy of any of these 12"s HOLLA...

01-bee why-the boros

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Weight Of The World!

Boston Crew, Raw Produce, needs no introduction, they have been on the seen since the 90's, and are still going strong, now thats quite an accomplishment, especially the way hip hop has made some major turns since the start of it all. "Weight OF The World" B/w "Step Inside the Lab" and "Foundation,". Released on Insomnia Records, in 1996.. Im sure many of you already have this 12" or have atleast heard it, but i couldn't resist posting it.. All songs written and produced by Raw Produce, remixed by Joe Mansfield, for Vinyl Reanimators, additional cuts by James Be-down..Much Props to Pitch, (Damian Roskill) and Cadence, (Seth Boyd) "RAW PRODUCE" for their love, respect, and loyalty towards music, and to all their fans across the world. Thanks guys.

And make sure you support, the new release from Cadence, called "Creative Commerce" set to drop May 2006.. The album features 16 songs, including geust appaearceds from Dumi Right of OUO/Zimbabwe Legit, micthefinite, Blame One, Shed Light and...get ready for it...PRINCE PO OF ORGANIZED KONFUSION

Now the tracks from "Weight Of The World"

01-raw produce-weight of the world
02-raw produce-weight of the world (vinyl reanimators remix)
03-raw produce-step inside the lab
04-raw produce-foundation (bonus cut)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Time Is Running Out!

Here is someone who is no surprise to us. Cover "the Child of Destruction" from Cod Crew! Now this is no "Underground Flow", but it's still Cover. This 12" features 2 dope tracks produced by the same guys who did "Underground Flow" Ski, and Michelob, it was released on Echo Entertainment, in 1996... Side A. "Time Is Running Out"... Side B. "I'm Trapped"... Im sure you will dig them..
Sorry for the lagging of post, people.. been busy as fuck, and i promise to make it up to those who check my blog. Thanks!

01-cover-time is running out
02-cover -im trapped

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Molested Dove!!

This next 12" comes from Tomorrowz Weaponz, its titled "Molested Dove", also features two other tracks, "Lost Planet" feat. Wizdom, and "City Of G.O.D.S", feat. Fatal Foutain, and Square Truth. This 12" is on East Wind Sect Records, and was Released in 1996. All Songs produced by Tomorrowz Weaponz..

01-molested dove
02-lost planet feat. wizdom
03-city of g.o.d.s feat. square truth & fatal foutain

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Cadence-Creative Commerce

Ok Many of you people know who Cadence, from Raw Produce, is. Well he is about to drop his new album titled "Creative Commerce", in May. The album is entirely written, produced and performed by Cadence, except for guest verses by Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Dumi Right (Zimbabwe Legit), Blame One, Shed Light and micthefinite. So make sure you support Cadence, and your love for Independent Hip Hop..Now listen and enjoy this clip from the forthcoming Cadence, album Creative Commerce..PEAZ

Cadence-Creative Commerce Sampler