Wednesday, December 28, 2005

boogie down bronx!

its lord e yall! slept on 12" from lord eternal, the title is (B.D.B) boogie down bronx its on slick boogie records, the year it was released 1997. this 12 features the tracks B.D.B, lord e (h.a.), and drama. all tracks are produced by steven "slick boogie" brown except B.D.B., which is produced by slick boogie, and lord eternal. my favorite cut on this one is lord e (h.a) but all 3 tracks are dope. i will let u judge that for yourself!

01-boogie down bronx (B.D.B)
02-lord e (h.a.)

Old & Wise

the name is yah supreme, and the band is brohemian! Brooklyn-bred emcee Yah Supreme made a splash in the indie hip-hop scene with producer Cave Precise. Their first 12” “Old & Wise” was widely received and paved the way for them to release subsequent singles and a compilation on their label, Son Doo Recordings. In addition to releasing material through Paris’ Underground Academy, Yah is performing regularly in New York City with his band Brohemian. Buttressed by drums, percussion, bass, keys and multi-part female harmonies the "Yah Supreme sound" has greater depth and finesse. Best described as "atmospheric hip-hop" his classic-soul inflected arrangements coalesce with plaintive anecdotes and earnest introspection. “Old & Wise” was produced by Cave Precise..

01-old & wise
02-you'll never find
old & wise (video)

Monday, December 19, 2005

Ghetto News

ok i dont know shit about this guy really, so if anyone knows or wants to help out please do... "ghetto news" such a dope track with production from "casanova" def. diggin pop's style and sound. the other track "raw (are you sure?)" is also dope, with production from (casanova), reef, and spunk kadafi. pops 12" is on profile records the year it was released is 1996, and im not sure but i think this was his only release...

01-ghetto news
02-raw (are you sure?)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

3 joints

here is a man who needs no introduction. Not a stranger to controversy, Mr. D. Original released a maxi-single in 1998 entitled, "3 Joints" on his independent label, $Money Entertainment$. Many retailers refused to stock it in their stores due to the marijuana leaf artwork on the CD's cover. That certainly did not hinder D. Original. The rapper sold copies of his CD on August 7, 1998 in front of Brooklyn's Beat Street Records along with a complimentary 3-dollar bag of weed. That "original" street team move landed him several nights in jail. After he was released on bond, D. Original appeared on BET Rap City, MTV News, and Howard Stern's syndicated radio show and "3 Joints" went on to sell well over 65,000 copies. Now thats Gangsta! word to Mr.D. all 3 joints on this single are hard as hell.. till next time! PZZZzzzz!

01-whats it all about?
02-come wit it!
03-j.p.m.s.! (just play my shit)

inda hizzie

i just got this 12" from my good friend waxranger. it comes to you from Kaos, the tracks are "who inda house" and "word life". its on blunted records pretty sure the year is 1994. anyways im really feelin "word life" although both tracks are dope, i love the way the horn and bassline were layed out on "word life" so check it and remember to support the artist if you can. untill next time PZZzzz!

01-who inda house
02-word life
03-word life (inst.)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

mister voodoo

A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., Mr. Voodoo has made a name for himself as one of underground hip hop's most talented and prolific artists. Originally a co-host on J-Smooth's "Underground Railroad" radio program on NYC's WBAI (99.5 FM) in the early 1990s, Mr. Voo went on to become a founding member of the group Natural Elements before releasing a series of independent records following the group's indefinite hiatus. Co-founding Hemlock Records in 2002, Mr. Voodoo has since begun using his given name, Agu, professionally. Lyrical Tactics is by far Mister Voodoo's best release its on Fortress, w/ tracks, Lyrical Tactics, Shine, and Hemlock, Hemlock is my favorite track out of the three. all tracks produced by Charlemagne...

01-lyrical tactics (da come off hard pt.2)